On Wednesday, September 2nd, the FAPACC board met with DFCS Region 1 RD staff.  Below are some of the things discussed during our meeting.

All placement calls should now ONLY be coming from Cherokee County RD – Sylvia Freeman, Courtney Smith, or Jeff Cash (Point of Contact.)

– There is a new state email address for foster parents to use to voice comments or concerns.  It is region1.fosterparents@dhs.ga.gov

– Info should be forthcoming regarding monthly “Cadence Calls” with foster parents.  This will be a conference call with all regional and county leadership on the line.  Foster parents will be encouraged to call in during the conference call to voice problems or concerns they are having.  We will share this info as soon as we get it.

– The next IMPACT orientation is Sept. 14 from 6-7:30pm.  Please call the recruitment line at 877-210-KIDS  to register and come to the side door at the DFCS office.

– The next IMPACT class is a weekend class, Sept. 25-27.

Family Team Meetings are being reinstated!

Annual training hours must total 15 hours.  You can have up to 5 hours of online training (not interactive), 5 hours of webinar training (interactive) and that leaves just 5 hours of in-person training.  Also!  You can count up to 2 hours of “personal enrichment” towards training hours.  This can be church classes, therapy, or family team meetings.

– You are allowed 10 days of respite per year (paid), but it must be approved by the case manager.

– You should be given Medicaid/AmeriGroup information for a placement within 10 days.  NEVER give your personal information as the responsible party to a health care provider – always list DFCS.

– You may claim a child on your tax return if you have had the child in your home for 6 months plus 1 day in a given year.  You can get the child’s SSN from the case manager (provided one is available.)  Note:  If a biological parent files before you and claims the child, your tax return may be delayed.

– The organization chart is being updated and will be distributed as soon as we receive it.

– Because we have such a large number of children in care in Cherokee County and so few case managers, some children are being assigned case managers from other counties.  We are working to get a list of who these workers are and who their supervisors are so that you can know who is calling you and who they report to.

– We have requested checklists of requirements for quarterly and annual reviews.

– DFCS is working on a “Foster Parent Toolbox” of forms, etc. for each home to have on hand.

Christy Myerscough

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