General Information

To reach the DFCS on call contact, please call  1-855GA CHILD (1-855-422-4453)

Training Resources – Read an article and take a test.  You can use this for up to 5 hours annually. There is a fee that you can submit for reimbursement through your RD worker. – Click on their training calendar.  You can register for webinars or live trainings.  (The webinars tab are pre-recorded webinars & you do not get credit for listening to those. You only get credit for the ones that require you to take a test.)  Again, DFCS reimburses any fee for training. – CPR Training School in Alpharetta offers CPR classes every week.



CLOTHING ALLOWANCE (updated 7/1/2016)


Initial 0-12 $311.00
Initial 13 and older $415.00
Annual $415.00

County Seasonal

Birth – 3 Years $60.00
4-6 Years $80.00
7-12 Years $120.00
Over 12 Years $200.00


PER DIEM AMOUNTS (effective 7/1/2017)

Child 0-5 $25.27
Child 6-12  $27.26
Child 13 and older $29.65


Sibling Incentive $104.55 per sibling


Camp To Belong-Georgia

Reuniting siblings placed in separate foster homes or out-of-home care for events that encourage emotional empowerment .

Contact Stephanie Crane, Executive Director at 770-662-0344.